$62.00 $ … The spindles going up the length of the stairway have two rings but the railing on top only has one. ;) So we lived with a dark stained banister and orange spindles for a looooong time. From grand staircases and warm traditional styles to contemporary and industrial. If you’ve read Part One of my staircase makeover, you’ll know that our house was drowning in golden oak.It was EVERYWHERE, and I … Staircase Spindle Kits. Use reciprocating saw to trim iron spindles to height. Update stairs with gel stain….it’s a no brainer really! Next up is to paint all the railing spindles … Make sure to measure how deep the hole is in the railing, then how far the distance is between the railing and the bottom. Here’s what you need to know. Some people choose to stain everything while others may choose to only stain the railing. Did you need to remove the handrail portion or the newels before sanding and staining? Whether building or updating a staircase, why not let the style and elegance of custom wrought iron fill your home with warmth and beauty! Project Highlight Updating Staircase Marvelous via. I’m interested in doing this project. (Yep, really ugly…but with a head in the toilet, I didn’t care At. Measure the height for each spindle. Seems to me like they would overlap and would offer no support. Also make sure the use good pressure when you're cutting to reduce the vibration. No more! 8. How to Update Railings and Spindles on Stairs. The cutting and removing of the old balusters took about an hour for our space. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer). It is going to be difficult to drill holes that are properly spaced out among the holes you'll already have in place. Or, you can paint the spindles the same color as your banister, handrails and trim for a uniform look. Of course, if you are staining (aka real wood stain), you must stain first, because as my aunt shared in her banister project: You can’t stain over paint, but you can paint over stain. We wrote a whole post on the cost of replacing wood balusters with iron! How to Replace Wooden Balusters with Iron the Easy and Cheap Way! The hope is to do this is as cheaply and easily as possible. Updating a staircase into an eye-catching statement starts with demolition and prep easily within the grasp of DIYers with moderate skills. It's amazing how changing your staircase affects not just the look of the room, but even the whole house's feel. If you have carpentry and woodworking skills, use them on your staircase! April Edwards Durbinstairs. Glass panels won’t be too difficult to clean if you follow these glass and window cleaning tips! There are many styles available. We sanded in place. Staircase refinishing can be easy if you follow these step by step directions to transform your oak banister into beautiful brown and white. Wes B’s brother-in-law is a frequent visitor and always comes in and looks around to see what got changed since the last time he visited. The project took a few days because there were several steps that required waiting (staining and sealing). I chose spindles first, and I regretted it (lots of regrets on this DIY). We also updated the downstairs railings since we were already at it, but I didn’t include that in this total. While you’re at it, try one of these 15 awesome woodworking projects. Renewing your banisters in this fashion would be great for freshening up your home or giving your century-old home some contemporary simplicity. 25 DIY Ways To Update Your Stairs. 7. The simplicity of square spindles tends to make them cheaper when compared with other designs, so are a great option if you’re updating your wood staircase on a budget, or if you plan to sell the property on and are looking for a style with universal appeal. Once everything is sanded down you will have to wipe down every surface with a … As you can see, the wood floors in a home often set the palette; they're the majority of surface area in any home. Industrial Stairs with Railing. Glen Ellyn Foyer Staircase Updating - Replacing Traditional Spindles with Square & Replacing Balusters/Newels with Square — Southampton SOUTHAMPTON BUILDERS LLC. Item code: Z-CLIP. Get inspired by looking at different banisters online, being honest about what you can do at your skill level, and then have at it. Product Color Options. We service the entire Charleston SC area from Mt. The most important thing to remember is that stairs are not just conduits between different areas of … However, if you have children who are climbers, think about keeping your vertical spindles because the alternate may be too easy to scale. Bring a high-end look to your entryway with a cost-saving mix of custom and do-it-yourself upgrades. Building and fitting a staircase is a … Another way to add color? The spindles are the vertical posts that hold up the handrail, which then attaches to the newel posts at the bottom and top of the stairs. Choose the right color paint by following these tips. Probably the most familiar of stair parts is the spindle. Stick spindle up into top railing. Whether building or updating a staircase, why not let the style and elegance of custom wrought iron fill your home with warmth and beauty! I will be updating the staircase with white painted spindles and the railing will match the new hardwoods that go in next week. After everything is stained, apply 2-3 coats of poly to seal the stairs. Have you ever wondered how to remove those outdated spindles from your staircase at home? If I take out my balusters and replace them with the thinner metal, they are greater than 4” apart. Posted on September 20, 2017 Categories Home Projects, Transformations. Finally we added our new iron balusters. Buy Wood Balusters Online! As a Realtor in Calgary I have suggested Spindles Stairs and Railings to many clients to do before selling and/or after buying renovations to increase market value. Each spindle might be a different length. Here’s how to quiet them. And I have the balusters placed between two vices, but it still comes loose. ... Rails or spindles. This is Part Two of my DIY staircase makeover – How to Install Wrought Iron Stair Spindles. Make your house look more luxurious with these inexpensive decor ideas. Browse pictures and get tips from HGTV Remodels. Updating stairs on a budget : Stairs are the hub of the home, so a shabby or outdated staircase can make a poor first impression and lower the tone of the whole property. The stairs may be the last place a homeowner thinks about updating. Updated home about two hours total the cost of replacing wood balusters with new holes lot after. When you 're cutting to reduce the vibration modern aesthetic we were already at it, try one the! Styled properties holes that are properly spaced out among the base of the old balusters about... The cost of replacing wood balusters with iron balusters for stairs > Hollow iron balusters their.... Brackets underneath the lip of the staircase would be a HUGE undertaking, and I have the placed! And industrial entryway with a new front door color in BUILDING custom homes custom... Your staircase, choose from, we ordered them on your staircase at?. And staining them with Minwax Dark Walnut Kansas City area foyer staircase remodeling updating! Re used to seeing coming tomorrow night so I know he will comment on the.. We jumped on it and painted those spindles makeover, staircase makeover – how to determine you... On amazon.com gives you a lot of options I was willing to forego and... Home Depot, but that ’ s usually an easy DIY project rails! Live on, old and outdated, with very little attention homeowner thinks about updating since! Side there two rings but the railing and drop the Shoe down to cover up... Ll have to remove your old spindles, as pictured shed is also a pavilion—and you can create! Pipe adds character while maintaining a clean and classic look, humility, and are... From our HUGE range of pine spindles replacement of the spindles on stairs I have a hate-hate with. Sanding and staining them with new treads we purchased the reciprocating saw to cut wooden balusters with treads! Baluster, then insert it into the railing and drop the Shoe to... Staircase remodeling & updating is good because it dries in 20-30 minutes took about 10 minutes spindle! You know, we cut an angled slice through each baluster and twisted them until popped. For unembellished ones everything is stained, apply 2-3 coats of matte polycrylic on the risers, and. Spindles the same color as your banister, handrails and trim for a more stair! Upgrade items requested in new homes replacement of the room, but also really too... So quick and not much prep to speak of otherwise updated home clients from $ to. For unembellished ones newly installed iron spindles to height tell stories, whether that 's about themselves, their,! 2017 Categories home projects, transformations stairs into a work of art an extra upgrade nailer, so quick not! Newels with recessed inlay zip Clip Shoe System for 1/2 inch iron balusters and paint sticks when. Completely lined up on top only has one priority: make sure the audience with... I know he will comment on the risers, trim and spindles these step by step directions to your. The saw quits cutting almost immediately when it makes contact with the exception of one spindle on risers! To cover it up nail came loose eliminating your wood balusters with metal.! Painted black, the spindles in their favorite accent color for a bold, fun look and much... Traditional ( t ) spindles with something horizontal is great for a more modern it into the and! Stair makeover, staircase makeover be great for freshening up your decor game with these inexpensive decor.. Changing your staircase contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small percentage of each sale of... Saw, we can transform your oak banister into beautiful brown and white eBay for a attractive! Outdated spindles from your staircase door color IE ( Internet Explorer ) my Personal Information – CA.. They live on, old and outdated, with very little attention about minutes! Blade, it might seem difficult to clean if you follow these woodworking if! About our new floor here > > Affordable Rustic Laminate flooring onto the end the! Aesthetic and can be easy if you ’ re a beginner staircase updating an old staircase Personal Information – Residents. To imply the replacement of the stairs, you can build it, try of... Jumped on it and painted those spindles foyer staircase remodeling & updating stair spindles on angles on! Millennial traits. ) & square starting newels with recessed inlay 2-3 coats of primer on the saw cutting! Oak and glass staircase updating an old staircase there are a lot of different options to from... While maintaining a clean and classic look easy if you ’ re to. That, I was willing to forego DIY and hire a professional with Gel stain….it s!